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A website dedicated to bringing you all the industry news when it comes to beauty, wellness, grooming and Detroit lifestyle.

My name is Drew Edward Friebe, as a true Virgo I am a perfectionist, organized and a little quirky. Outside of being a wild ride for my friends and family it makes for a fun, entertaining and educational time. I am a dog lover, almond obsessed (told you I was quirky) and in love with all things beauty.

As a second generation beauty specialist I was raised in a small town salon and where the smell of perm and aerosol can began to embed a passion that would last a lifetime. It has been an amazing industry to grow up in because you truly never “master” things, the minute you think you have the whole game changes. A new look, a new product, new technology breakthroughs… its never dull.

As a former international platform artist, for a decade, on the road I came in contact with millions of different products, techniques and styles I brought home and now to you! As a Detroit native I am excited to be back and building a brand in a city that is going through a truly amazing renaissance. In the next ten years this city will be unrecognizable in the best way possible.

The Virgo Effect’s main mission is to bring organized information about all of your beauty and grooming needs right for your living room, bedroom or even bathroom, wherever you might be!

While that’s our focus we love our city and will definitely be putting some review articles that come out so when you visit Detroit, you know the places to be!

Set back, bookmark, subscribe and follow me The Virgo Effect and let us make your life a little easier! Please feel free to  contact me about collaborations, articles you’re interested in or places around town we should check out!

Thanks and I hope you enjoy all The Virgo Effect has to offer.